The Cable welcomes pitches. Please read our writers guidelines below to understand how to pitch a piece.

Editorial Process

We welcome submissions of pitches and drafts. If submitting a pitch, please include a few links to other work you have written. If submitting a draft, this is not required.

If you do not hear from us within 5 business days, please feel free to follow-up — we will get back to you, but sometimes emails get buried in our inbox.

We will collaborate you upon submission of your piece to bring it in line with our style and readability standards. Our preference is for clear, simple, and succinct writing, so don’t be offended if we cut out long and difficult words.

You have final approval over whether the edited piece is published, and we will publish under your real name or anonymously — up to you.

Content Guidelines

We are looking for quality writing with a left-wing point of view. Some examples of general themes we want to publish include arguments for bold left-wing policies, critiques of right-wing figures and ideas, and provocative takes on culture and current events. We are less interested in the sort of punditry you’d find in mainstream media outlets, or middle-of-the-road periodicals.

Articles should be clearly-written and understandable by anyone with a high school education. This does not mean you should dumb down your ideas, but rather that they should be expressed in understandable language.

Online articles should run between 1,000 and 2,000 words. We are flexible on the upper bounds of this guideline.

Payment & Rights

We are not a large operation, but we do pay a for all published work — in fact, we insist on it. If your submission is accepted, we will offer a fee we are willing to pay for the work. Payment will be made via PayPal upon receipt of the final draft.

We will not pay for pieces that the author chooses to withdraw during the editorial process.

You retain rights to your work and may use it however you please. However, The Cable will hold exclusive publication rights of all submissions until 60 days after publication.

Please send your submissions to