Canadian politics for people who hate Canadian punditry.

Sweet, Sweet Bailout Cash

Geoff and Taylor re-unite on Family Compact to beg for media bailout cash.

Stephen Harper’s Bad Populism Take

Stephen Harper's analysis of populism is very, very wrong.

Hatefest Canada 2018

Anti-semitism and hate-based violence are on the rise in Canada. So what can we do about it?

Tribal Warfare

Pollution dividends for all.

Never Trust TripAdvisor

The Toronto Sun spread fake news about a Toronto hotel sheltering refugees using fake TripAdvisor reviews.

Climate Blues

Just the sad boys for this one, folks.

Why Your Boss Loves Doug Ford Ft. Sheila Block

Geoff & Taylor discuss the unholy alliance of Doug Ford and the business lobby to repeal Bill 148, Ontario's most recent worker protection legislation.

The Ford Report

Well, here comes the hammer. Doug Ford's busy laying the groundwork to take a chainsaw to Ontario's welfare state and public services. We discuss how this process is unfolding and what his first lines of attack could be.

Why Ontario Needs a Basic Income with Jessie Golem

In this members-only episode of Family Compact, Geoff sits down with Humans of Basic Income creator Jessie Golem to talk about the personal stories of those on Ontario's basic income, why it's such an important policy, her feelings towards Doug Ford and why welfare is broken.

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Haters Gonna Hate

Have you heard the name Marrisa Shen?