What happened: A white nationalist murdered 49 Muslims in New Zealand in what appears to be another terrorist attack by the far-right.

Canada’s Conservative leader Andrew Scheer issued two tweets denouncing the attack on “freedom”. Glaringly missing was any mention of Muslims, denunciation of white nationalists, or characterization of the killings as a terrorist attack.

Scheer even played on well-known anti-Muslim tropes to describe victims as “peaceful worshippers” rather than just worshippers.

The big picture: Other politicians were quick to call it what it was, including Doug Ford. Even Donald Trump mentioned the word mosques in his tweet.

The problem: Scheer’s disgraceful response contributes to the perception that he is allying himself with the far-right in his quest to become Prime Minister.

His MP Michael Chong even mentioned white supremacy in his tweet.

Scheer recently endorsed the Yellow Vest convoy, a group that included white nationalists and hate group members. Scheer spoke to rally attendees along with well-known white nationalist Faith Goldy.

Scheer was also accused of spreading fake news about the UN Migration Compact, erronously claiming it would impact Canadian sovereignty, even though the compact is not legally binding.

Just this past week Conservative MPs invited Islamophobe Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the UK House of Lords, to speak at a reception and talk on Parliament Hill.

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