Conservative MPs Garnett Genius and Kelly Block invited well-known Islamophobe Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the UK House of Lords, to speak at a reception and talk on Parliament Hill.

Who is she: Cox supports dictator Bashar al Assad, does not believe he used chemicals weapons on civilians, is obsessed with Sharia Law and invited far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders to show his film Fitna in the House of Lords.

The fact Conservatives are embracing these types of hateful figures isn’t surprising. What is more concerning is ostensibly mainstream “respectable” MPs like Genius – he was voted 2017 Parliamentarian of the Year by fellow MPs – don’t see the problem with embracing Islamophobic individuals like Cox.

Garnett’s embrace of hateful figures like Cox shows two important things:

It’s a feature, not a glitch: Islamophobia is endemic in the Conservatives party. It’s not a fringe movement limited to Rebel Media fans and Bernie suppoters, but a central component of Scheer’ agenda and ideological beliefs.

The media is failing: The mainstream media is not holding these people accountable as Conservatives embrace far-right beliefs and rhetoric used by right-wing parties around the world. Lack of coverage of Scheers Yellow Vests convoy endorsement, a group that included white nationalists and hate group members, was met with a collective shrug by the media class.

Whether it’s fringe ideologues like Maxime Bernier, or ostensibly mainstream Conservatives Garnett Genius, there is no doubt that Islamophobia and hate are now central to the Andrew Scheer’s Conservative party.