In 1936, British citizens defeated fascism in the famous Battle of Cable Street. Almost a century later, far-right fascist forces are back. Cable Street explores the current global rise of the far-right and fascism: what is driving this phenomenon, where is it leading, and how can progressives and the left respond?

Episode #14: Italy Embraced The Far-Right – What Does That Mean For Europe?

August 2, 2018

While the world watches America burn, Italy just elected a populist party. And they have their own version of Donald Trump...

Anti-immigrant rhetoric, fake news, a populist comedian? While some far-right populist themes are similar, Italy has its own unique brand of politics. In this episode of Cable Street, we sit down Vito Laterza to discuss Italian politics, populist leader Matteo Salvini, the Five Star Movement and what Italy’s rightward, anti-immigrant shift means for the rest of Europe.

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Geoff Sharpe

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