In 1936, British citizens defeated fascism in the famous Battle of Cable Street. Almost a century later, far-right fascist forces are back. Cable Street explores the current global rise of the far-right and fascism: what is driving this phenomenon, where is it leading, and how can progressives and the left respond?

#35 – Centrism is a Bridge to Nowhere

April 19, 2019

This week I'm joined by Taylor, the other co-founder here at The Cable. We discuss the unhinged attacks on Ilhan Omar, new polling on a progressive American agenda, the vacuousness of Mayor Pete, what Finish elections can teach us about today's politics and a segment called The Book Clubâ„¢ (patent pending) where we talk about books we're reading this week.

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Geoff Sharpe

Geoff is the host of Cable Street and co-founder of The Cable.