In 1936, British citizens defeated fascism in the famous Battle of Cable Street. Almost a century later, far-right fascist forces are back. Cable Street explores the current global rise of the far-right and fascism: what is driving this phenomenon, where is it leading, and how can progressives and the left respond?

#25 – What do the Yellow Vests Want? w/ Katy Lee

December 18, 2018

Katy Lee from Agence France-Presse joins me to discuss the yellow vest movement. She's a reporter living in Paris who has first-hand experience covering these protests.

The movement began as a response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s increase in the gas tax. But is has grown far beyond that. Rather than a protest against climate change, Katy explains the yellow vests are fundamentally a response to growing inequality and austerity that have disproportionately targeted the poor and middle class. It’s not a revolt against government, rather a revolt against government inaction.

We talk about how the yellow vests started, their demands, breaking down misconceptions and examine how France’s political actors are responding.

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Geoff Sharpe

Geoff is the host of Cable Street and co-founder of The Cable.