In 1936, British citizens defeated fascism in the famous Battle of Cable Street. Almost a century later, far-right fascist forces are back. Cable Street explores the current global rise of the far-right and fascism: what is driving this phenomenon, where is it leading, and how can progressives and the left respond?

#23 – Fighting Fascism w/ Mark Bray

November 5, 2018

In this episode of Cable Street, I talk to Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, about the rise of fascism around the world.

It’s doubtful our grandparents fighting in WW2 expected fascism to return almost 80 years later, but here we are…

Mark explains the historical context of fascism and Antifa, why there is no moral equivalency between the two, and why centrist political forces and liberal democratic institutions struggle to deal with the rise of fascism within their own borders.

Show Notes

Read Mark’s book¬†Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook¬†

Show Team

Geoff Sharpe

Geoff is the host of Cable Street and co-founder of The Cable.