In 1936, British citizens defeated fascism in the famous Battle of Cable Street. Almost a century later, far-right fascist forces are back. Cable Street explores the current global rise of the far-right and fascism: what is driving this phenomenon, where is it leading, and how can progressives and the left respond?

#22 – A Path Forward for Refugees w/ François Crépeau

October 25, 2018

How do we build political support for refugees and asylum seekers?

François Crépeau joined Geoff to discuss the complex issues surrounding refugees and asylum seekers.

He’s a professor from McGill and is the Director for the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism. Between 2011 and 2017, François was the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants where he gained first-hand experience meeting asylum seekers and visiting refugee camps

Francois explains the historical context of the current refugee and asylum seeker situation, why democracies have difficulty dealing with non-citizens and share a positive outlook on the current migrant challenges around the world.

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Geoff Sharpe

Geoff is the host of Cable Street and co-founder of The Cable.