How do we reconcile free speech, internet monopolies and stopping far-right ideas from spreading? That's the question Geoff tries to answer with guest Yasha Levine.

Canada needs an estate tax

Canada is one of the only developed countries without an estate tax. It's time for that to change.

Notwithstand By Me

Woo, Ford Nation baby, where the laws are made up and the courts don’t matter.

Right Wing Psychopaths

On episode 3 of Family Compact Taylor & Geoff try to understand why so many mass shooters JUST HAPPEN to obsessively consume right wing media. Then we chat about the Bannon-Frum debate of the century. Plus, we take target practice with Terence Corcoran's latest Financial Post op-ed on how Actually, Socialism Caused the Great Recession.
What does the show Queer Eye have to do with the alt-right? Quite alot.
Capitalism is the dominant form of economic organization in our world. But we rarely hear good arguments for made for it.
The Conservatives held their convention last weekend and ohhhh boy did they go for it. It's a real liquidation sale... abortion rights, immigrants, birthright citizenship: everything must go!

The Hash Anniversary

The very first episode of Family Compact, a new Canadian politics podcast from The Cable. This week we talk about Maxime Bernier giving the hogs at r/JordanPeterson their very own party, the Conservative Party's warm embrace of white nationalism, and Doug Ford's hash anniversary.
What are taxes, really?
In the 1990s, progressive parties turned away from working-class policies and embraced more rightwing ideas. So why did this happen? And how has this shaped opinions about progressive policies.