We cannot achieve equality of opportunity without equality of outcomes. But is this even what we want?

Is Germany at risk of a far-right take-over? Short answer - yes.
Geoff & Taylor discuss the unholy alliance of Doug Ford and the business lobby to repeal Bill 148, Ontario's most recent worker protection legislation.

Canada's conservative movement increasingly mimics their Republican neighbours. And that should deeply worry us.

They were a reminder of who is in charge.

The Ford Report

Well, here comes the hammer. Doug Ford's busy laying the groundwork to take a chainsaw to Ontario's welfare state and public services. We discuss how this process is unfolding and what his first lines of attack could be.
In this members-only episode of Family Compact, Geoff sits down with Humans of Basic Income creator Jessie Golem to talk about the personal stories of those on Ontario's basic income, why it's such an important policy, her feelings towards Doug Ford and why welfare is broken.
In episode #19, Geoff talks to cultural sociologist professor and far-right expert Cynthia Miller-Idriss about how the far-right uses branding to normalize their ideas and messages.

Haters Gonna Hate

Have you heard the name Marrisa Shen?