This week I'm joined by Taylor, the other co-founder here at The Cable. We discuss the unhinged attacks on Ilhan Omar, new polling on a progressive American agenda, the vacuousness of Mayor Pete, what Finish elections can teach us about today's politics and a segment called The Book Clubâ„¢ (patent pending) where we talk about books we're reading this week.
The far-right has effectively used memes, or meme magic, or memetic warfare (the list goes on) to subversively push a far-right ideology on otherwise normal people. What are the consequences of this and how do we fight back?

A simple solution to the news media crisis: give everyone cash to pay for journalism.

Giving people power over their lives is the best way to defeat unchecked corporate power

Teachers are showing workers how to win.

A new battle has opened up in the fight for LGBTQ rights.

Demographic replacement is a popular white supremacist talking point