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The Cable is a media network with a mission to advance progressive ideas.

We live in dark times. The unchecked power of global capital and finance is ravaging communities, gutting public services, and cooking our planet. The left must acknowledge that the conservative media helped create the political conditions that made this possible. Now they want to channel the anger of their victims into right-wing populist movements, scapegoating the most vulnerable in society while the true antagonists of our world — the wealthy and powerful — continue to amass their fortunes.

The Cable was founded to help create the political conditions in which a brighter future might emerge. One in which democracy flourishes, the planet is cared for, the economy serves the many rather than the richest few, and everyone can live a fulfilling, dignified life. We unapologetically advocate for this vision, and for the ideas at its core. If you share a commitment to these values, then we hope you'll join us. A better world is possible.

Our people

Taylor Scollon

Taylor is the creator of How To Argue With Conservatives and the cofounder of The Cable.

Geoff Sharpe

Geoff is the host of Cable Street and the cofounder of The Cable.